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01/06/2009 Moving Beyond the Numbers: How to Recruit and Retain a Diverse Workforce Employers Simma Lieberman
Diversity is not just a "good idea", today. it is a business imperative if you want to stay competitive, innovative and secure a larger market share.
01/05/2009 Solving Problems in a High Stress Environment; Serving the public Jobseekers Simma Lieberman
People who are in very stressful job really benefit from stress management and communication skills training. Participants learn skills that can make their work and personal life easier and less stressful.
01/05/2009 What Every Consultant Needs to Know About Diversity Consulting and Training Employers Simma Lieberman
Diversity consulting is unlike other areas where you can become proficient if you are an experienced consultant and know how to develop content. Diversity consulting takes some additional skills.
01/05/2009 A Passion for Diversity Employers Simma Lieberman
There are successful people in the diversity field. They have a passion for diversity and they live their work. Whether or not they take their work home with them, their work is always driven by the values they live every day.
01/05/2009 Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Candidates Employers Simma Lieberman
If there is not enough diversity in your employee base or there is high turnover with certain groups of employees, your organization will not be able to leverage the power of diversity.
01/03/2009 Bridging the Diversity and Inclusion Gap Employers Simma Lieberman
Why are people at some of the best places to work on the diversity matrix still unhappy?
01/03/2009 How to Integrate Diversity Into the Business - Strategy of Your Restaurants Employers Simma Lieberman
01/02/2009 Are You Truly Successful? Employers Simma Lieberman
How do you know when you have achieved success? The answers depend on who you ask.
01/02/2009 How to Help LGBT Employees Help Your Organization Grow Employers Simma Lieberman
According to research done by the Human Rights Campaign, over half of all Fortune 500 companies have a non-discrimination policy for sexual orientation and over 100 private employers protect gender identity in their non-discrimination clause.
01/01/2009 The Life Juggle: How to Find Lifework Balance Jobseekers Simma Lieberman
Almost any time I read an article or hear someone speak about life work balance for speakers, the solution is the same- take a year off, take your family on a cruise, take your family with you.

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